Bus services from Johor to Tioman

Johor, a Malaysian state, is located in the southern region of Peninsular Malaysia and is well-known for its alluring beaches and incredible rainforests.
Tioman Island, on the contrary, is a small island of Malaysia, blessed with overwhelming tranquil beauty. It is a serene and acclaimed geological wonder island where you can enjoy snorkeling and marine life.

mersing bus

Mersing is the gateway to reach Tioman Island. Hence, you won’t actually be looking for bus services from Johor to Tioman, instead, it would be from Johor to Mersing.

It is important to mention here that you would admire the beauty of the locations to a greater extent, if you use bus from Johor to Tioman, as a mode of your travel. The departure point at Johor Bahru for the coaches going to Mersing is at Larkin bus terminal. From Mersing to Tioman, you can avail a ferry ride.

Many bus services operate from Johor Bahru to Mersing.

The Causeway Link Express is the biggest bus company and journeys from Larkin bus terminal to Mersing seven days a week, at three different timings. This suggests the promptness of bus serviceability. The first ride starts around 8.00, then at 12.45 and its last ride is at 18.45. The fare for an adult is MYR12.50 and that for a child is MYR9.60.

S & S International (M) Express is another popular and eminent bus company in Malaysia whose timings are 8.00 in the morning and 14.30 in afternoon. On Sundays, the buses return from Mersing at 7.45 and then after at 11.30, 14.45 and 17.30. On weekdays, it has its return journey at 11.30 and then in evening at 17.30. The fare for an adult is MYR12.70 and for a child MYR9.50.

bus transnasionalTransnasional Bus Company is a Malaysian icon and is the leader of the express bus industry, whose services operate from morning 11 till evening 11. It costs MYR17.60 and MYR13.20 for an adult and a child, respectively. It has its return trip at 12.00 and 13.30.

Buses take around 2 hours and 37 minutes to reach the destinations. After you reach Mersing, from Mersing jetty, you can book seats on Blue Water Express to reach Tioman.

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Diverse Options of Ferry Service in Singapore

ferry8873South East Asia is lively and bright and Singapore is one of the best places here. Individuals from over the globe search for Singapore packages and spending plan packages for Singapore and arrangement their Singapore occasion. Occasion here means investing an awesome energy with your family and friends. Consistently a large number of individuals arrangement for Singapore occasions to see and encounter this fabulous greetings tech Asian city. This is a city where a special mix of advancement and customary components has the same spot. Appreciate the dynamite coastline of Singapore and adjacent islands while you humor yourself in different recreational exercises by the ferry service. Ferry service is extra-ordinarily famous over there. This service helps to visit various islands of Singapore.

This is a city where a special mix of advancement and customary components has the same spot. Appreciate the dynamite coastline of Singapore and adjacent islands while you humor yourself in different recreational exercises by the ferry service. Ferry service is extra-ordinarily famous over there. This service helps to visit various islands of Singapore.

Moreover Singapore ferry service likewise gives vessels to charter to other Southern Islands, for example, Sisters’ Island, Lazarus Island and Pulau Hantu and so forth. Others famous ferry in Malaysia like the ferry to Langkawi, receive good response from tourists around the world. They can be sufficiently adaptable to change their services to suit your prerequisites. Because of overpowering reaction on weekends and public occasions, boarding of ships will be founded on a first come first serve premise. Subject to accessibility, additional ships may be organized outside of the booked timings. Travelers are encouraged to sit tight for the following accessible ferry which we will attempt to orchestrate in the speediest conceivable time.

  • No progressed or former bookings are required for our day by day planned ferry(s) unless you are doing a private charter. You should simply to descend to our ticketing stall before the ferry withdraws from Marina South Pier to get your tickets and you are ready!
  • Ferry will make a beeline for St John’s Island first before going to Kusu Island
  • Venture from Marina South Pier to St John’s Island takes 30 minutes and 15 minutes from St John’s to Kusu.

The fundamentals of the KTM service in Malaysia

In peninsular Malaysia Karatapi Tanah Melayu Berhad or KTMB, also called Malaya railways limited, is the main railway operator. A few years ago, when it was built in British era to transport tin, it was known as Malaya states railway (FMSR) and Malaya railway administration (MRA). In 1962, it was it got its present name. in 1992 it was corporatized and became fully owned by the Malaysian government. The train fares are reasonable. But as the frequency of intercity train service is very low, the service fails to complete with the other modes of transport.

Railway network-

The meter gauge rail network in Malaysian peninsula controlled by KTMB is comprised of two main lines and several branch lines. Most of these lines are made of ballast system with locally made concrete sleepers, which replaced the old wooden sleepers from 1982 onwards.

The railway lines:

The train line runs from Padang Besar railway station, near Malaysia and Thailand border to Woodlands train checkpoint in Singapore.  This is the primary western line. The Padang Besar railways station via the ktm ets Malaysia acts as the junction station for connecting state railway of Thailand with the west coast line. It is so called because this line serves the state of west peninsula coast of Malaysia. This line goes through the stations of KL central in Kuala Lumpur, Butterworth railway station, Penang and many other important stations.99

Now, talking about the eastern line; the railway line between Gemas railway station in Negri Sembilan and Trumpet railway station in Kelantan is known as east coast line. Though it is called so, but it serves only two states of the peninsula. That means the South China Sea and terminates at Trumpet railway station. On the other end, Gemas is the junction station between east coast and west coast line. Terengganu is the sate that is not served by the east coast line. Because the train line crosses through many jungles and interiors, it is also called as the jungle line.

Check list for renting a car in Langkawi

Cars are very convenient to use and live with. And when you are travelling to a new place, it is vital that you must rent a car. That’s because if you have a car at your disposal then you can always roam around without any hesitation or issue in life. You can control your schedule and you can actually do whatever you intend to do in a systematic manner.

The above paragraph directly fits with a traveller visiting Langkawi Islands in Malaysia. Yes, Langkawi or the archipelago of Langkawi, which consists of many islands. The island is situated right of the north western cusps of the country, and millions of people every year visit the place.

Where to rent a car from?


Well, whenever you are travelling to a foreign land, it is always certain that you are going to end up at the area’s international airport. And, when in Langkawi, you are going to do the same. But thankfully, this is a blessing in disguise, as there are several modes of conveyances to choose from when you are at the airport.

We are talking about talking rentals cars of course. And the airport is the best place to do it. There are several car rental companies in the area and most of them are well equipped to serve you in the best possible way. We are talking about major international, as well as famous domestic, companies too.

Yes, travellers at Langkawi take their car rentals seriously, and so do the companies here. The rental service provides drop off and pick up of car rentals at any time and you can easily select and use your car as per your own wish and terms.

What should you keep in mind whilst renting a car?

When you are at the Langkawi airport, you will notice that there are several cars companies and subsequently cars to select your rental car from. This is where you have to be clever, or else you might end up as a loser on your Langkawi car rental. First of all, before taking your rental car you must compare all the rates to find out the best one. There are several comparison tools available over the internet and the app stores that can help you out in this matter.

Also, it is advised that you must rent your car long time before you physically arrive at Langkawi. You can do the booking over the internet, and that can really save you loads of money. Also, always check that whether your rental company is providing things like; insurance, no limit on car mileage, RSA (roadside assistance) and waivers on various things.

What about the car – Also, just make sure that whatever car you select—a SUV or a sedan or even a truck— has the air conditioner. If your rental car does not have AC then you are going to struggle in the tropical heat of the coastline and the nation.